Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Wedding Singer.

Today one of my life-long friends got married and turned me into a wedding singer.
Let's preface this story by stating that I do not sing in public on a regular basis, or any basis for that matter. I sang in church as a small child, and then twice during a Christmas play at church in high school.  I'll be the first to say that I knew I could carry a tune, but did not consider myself capable or more so, desirable, to sing publicly.  As many times as I've been to Todd's Karaoke Bar (a former favorite past-time until he kicked us out for NOT drinking), I have yet to sing a solo.... because I fear that I will be booed off the 2x2 stage. Basically this comes down to fearing failure.

So when this friend proposed me singing in her wedding, I had to laugh because I'm pretty sure she'd only heard me sing to the radio in our cars.  However, trying to be a supportive friend, I agreed, in hopes that this would force me out of my comfort zone... and it did.

This morning-- the day of the wedding-- I woke up and could barely talk.  A day of less talking and about 100 cough drops, I got through the songs and officially became a wedding singer. This may seem like a silly accomplishment, but on my 2010 journey to improvements, this was me facing another fear.... telling a better story.

I also learned that I'm really good at tying bows on chairs.
That's all.