Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Nephews and a Niece.

I love kids. Obviously I must, since my entire job revolves around them. However, even from the age of being a kid myself, I loved to play “house” and “mommy” and wrap up my baby dolls in towels or any form of blanket I could find. Children are a blessing from the Lord and it is the desire of my heart that someday He will bless me with one (or 2… or 3… or 4… ). However, until His timing, I am so blessed to get to love and spoil all of my friends kids instead!!

Since I’m an only child, I do not have any biological nieces or nephews. So instead, I tell my friends that if they let their kids call me Aunt Jessica, I will buy them things, babysit and pretty much spoil them in all ways possible. In the past 2 months, two of my friends from different paths of life have taken me up on this offer and given me two nephews and a niece!!

Let’s start out with my sweet boys, Abram and Ellis. Their momma and daddy, Liz and Tony, are two of my very dearest friends. Liz and I were college roommates and it has been so special to see her evolve into a wife and mother! Abram and Ellis are the product of a lot of prayers and God’s plan, as they were born in Ethiopia and brought to their forever home here in America in May. Being at the airport that day to see them come home will be one of the most memorable days of my life! Their story is a beautiful picture of adoption not only into a loving family here on earth, but the adoption Christ offers us into His family through His sacrifice on the cross. Abram and Ellis are the CUTEST boys ever (see below). Check out their story here:

Holly, myself and Cheryl waiting for our
sweet boys to arrive at the airport!

A little blurry, but Aunt Jess with Abram!
(And the "A" shirt I made him!)

Can he get any cuter? Baby Ellis.

The Wells' Family!

So if two nephews wasn’t exciting enough, I also became “Aunt Jess” to a sweet little princess born last week, Haleigh Jo! Her momma, Staci, is a co-worker who, after traveling around the country for ten days together, has become a dear, special friend as well. I learned of Haleigh Jo when her momma (who I hadn’t really known well for long) looked at me in the airport and told me that she had just found out she was pregnant, and that if anything happened on this trip, she needed someone else besides her husband to know. I was sworn to secrecy and had to take up for her being “tired” among our other co-workers on our travels. I joked with Staci that because of that kind of pressure she put on me, I automatically became an aunt to her child. Haleigh Jo is also the product of a lot of prayers, for a safe, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby-- which she is! It has already been discussed that she will come stay a week with me during the summers and I will teach her to play piano, teach her Zumba, jump on beds, let her eat as much sugar as she wants, and then send her back home. Haleigh Jo is pretty much the most perfect little girl ever, but then again, I’m a little partial.

Sleeping Princess! Haleigh Jo Thrasher

Haleigh Jo with some of her favorites!

Momma & Daddy & their pretty girl!

Aunt Jess, very glad to finally be holding HJT!

I am a pretty proud Aunt!!
“Children are a heritage from the Lord…” –Psalm 127:3