Monday, October 31, 2011

The Past Four Months.

Well hello there. I feel like I should re-introduce myself since it’s been FOUR MONTHS since I’ve been inspired to post on here. Actually, let me take that back—I’ve felt inspired many times in that four months, however, I haven’t seemed to have time or make time to sit down and collect my thoughts. I’ve literally been “on the go” for four months now, and I can vaguely see the light at the end of the tunnel called “Christmas break.”

It’s been a pretty good four months… here’s the recap (or at least what I remember):
In July I went to the worldwide ZUMBA Instructors convention in Orlando with two dear friends and it was INSANE... in a good way. Imagine gathering around 7,000 dancing fanatics in crazy clothes from all over the world in one room with loud music. It was a dance party like none other. I learned a lot and it was tons of fun… despite not being able to feel my body for most of the time. It was also on this trip that I encountered an incident I like to refer to as the “not-so-lazy-river.” This story can only be done justice for me to tell in-person, so if you personally know me, ask me about it. It’s okay; I’m over it and will laugh with you.

Right when I think I can take a slight break from work, August appears and school starts back. However, speaking of school, this was the first August that I myself was not starting back to school in 21 years (insert a “thank you Jesus” here). Not only do I start to re-focus on my work for the new school year in August, but there’s also this event called the Kentucky State Fair that I’m asked to attend for work. Between kids’ exhibits, talent acts, free concerts, country ham, corn in a cup and deep-fried Snickers bars, I soaked up about all the state fair I could to hold me over until next August. Also, my best friend got married in August and it was such a fun and special day!

In September, I worked. A lot. I sold hundreds of country ham biscuits. I planned and taught programs. I raised a lot of money and organized a horse show. I taught kids how to eat with chopsticks. And I had one fun hangout day with my best friends from college. And then POOF!! September was gone.

I knew October was going to be crazy, as far as my work schedule, but it had a few unexpected turns along the way. I went to Atlanta for a week to visit my dear, sweet friend Sarah, who recently moved there for grad school. We attended Catalyst, a Christian-based leadership conference that had some amazzzzzing speakers and really renewed and inspired my heart. Also while there, I got to be a tourist (I know you're shocked...). We visited the Coca-Cola Factory, Centennial Olympic Park, among other attractions. We also saw the musical “Wicked” for the second time at the beautiful Fox Theatre.

The next week was spent in Tennessee with close to 200 high school students at a leadership conference. The kids seemed to have fun—and that’s what it’s all about—but I, too, enjoyed getting to know some of my co-workers better and realizing that I might just make it in this job.

The following week was spent doing the Mexican Hat Dance 200 times (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) and teaching kids about safety.

And last week, I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for the national 4-H agents’ conference, where I went to a really cool zoo, ate some great Omaha steaks, bought a dress at Target (because heaven forbid they don’t have the same dress in Lexington’s Target), went to some great workshops and seminars, bought homemade cheese (and then almost didn’t get through the airport with it) and had some great laughs with some fun co-workers.

All the while that these were very fun things, I was also dealing with the emotions of my grandmother’s (“Nannie” as I refer to her) diagnosis of kidney cancer, which is incredibly sad and I have still not completely dealt with. On the opposite end of the sad spectrum, I was also dealing with the emotions and territory of new beginnings with an incredible guy to which I just adore (and who happens to adore me, which is rather convenient). He deserves his very own post at a later date. ☺

Therefore, looking back on the past four months, I have experienced highs and lows, and often at the very exact same moment. (Yes, it’s possible.) Sometimes I wonder if life will ever slow down, and then I wonder if I’d be content or know what to do with myself if it actually did. I’m currently happy, thankful, scared, tired, and hopeful all at the same time. I am thankful that the Lord is in control and has kept me safe in His plan for the past four months… and will continue to for as long as He has planned. I just don’t know what I’d do without Him.

I promise to try not to let four more months go by. What have you been up to?
Much love to you all!