Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking Up with Facebook

(originally posted February 3, 2010)

I'd say it's safe to assume that no one really likes rejection, or break-ups. However, sometimes break-ups are "for the best" and there's a lot of freedom that can be found through the emotions of separation.

Tonight, I broke up with Facebook.  My mind drifts back to the day in college where my roommate and I both created our accounts, not knowing what a networking tool this site would become over the coming years.  I remember when Facebook was uncomplicated-- it had no farms, aquariums, stickers, hugs, hearts, or mafia ninja's hanging around-- it was just a cool way of keeping in touch.  And it still is-- to some degree.

I have threatened to deactivate my account many times, and right when I was about to, a long lost friend would send me a message or post on my wall and then I would bargain with myself the value of keeping my account.  I'll admit that at times, I've been a Facebook addict-- one day, I literally counted that I checked it 26 times (and I wouldn't doubt that there were days that I checked it more.)  (Don't judge-- you know you've possibly done this too.) Every time you get a notification that someone has sent you a message... posted on your wall... commented on the comment that you left... you can't just NOT check it. There were times that the thought of not having Facebook was ridiculous and I could never muster the courage to even look into deactivating. However, today was the day.

Right now, there are a lot of changes going on in my life and I've decided since they're happening and didn't ask my permission to, I might as well throw in a few changes that I actually have control over-- i.e. Facebook.  I just felt like it was time to take a break-- not be so consumed with it for the moment, and consume my life with other things I need to focus on more right now, like Jesus, people, love, life, compassion, etc.  (And did I mention I'm writing a thesis? Facebook + Thesis = Facebook. not a good equation)

By no way am I saying that Facebook is bad--- it's not.  I'm a big fan.  However, for the time being, we're having a little break-up and I'm relieved.  I'm about to wade the waters of life without Facebook and I'm not sure what that looks like.

Will I be back on it at some point? Most likely, yes.  It may be a week from now-- 2 weeks- 2 months-- who knows.  I do enjoy the benefits of keeping up with friends, and hope that I will still be able to now-- and whenever I'm back on.

I literally just thought to myself-- "I should send out a FB message to people letting them know a new blog post is up" -- I promise I just completed that entire thought, and then realized that I can't. Hmmm, maybe this will be harder than I think......

Salute to New Music Tuesday.

(originally posted January 26, 2010)

I have an addiction to iTunes. (or so says my credit card bill)

I have always loved music-- it's been a part of my life since before coming out of the womb.  I'm positive that my mom must've sang to me every day while she was pregnant.  At the age of 4, I declared that I wanted to play the piano and have had a love/hate relationship with it since. (It was a first love... then hate when I was teenager having to play in recitals... and I'm happy to report that it's back to love now.) I have tried my hand at writing songs (not quite like Taylor Swift though, haha).  I took violin lessons both as a child, and a college student. I remember that the greatest gift I got for my 7th birthday was "The Bodyguard Soundtrack" cassette.  My very first CD was Faith Hill, and I played that thing over and over and over.  I know that a lot of people have a passion for music, and I'm proud to be in that group.  I cannot imagine life without the melodies and words that have helped me through life.

With all of this said, when digital music came about, I was PUMPED.  Of course at first I was young and didn't quite understand that there was such a thing as illegally downloading.  However, when iTunes came along, the thought of being able to buy a song (and not an entire album that I only liked one track and hated the other 15) was fantastic.  I was like a kid in a candy store (except the candy is music).  Since that time, I've become an iTunes addict.  (I try to justify this by saying that there are much worse things I could be "addicted" to.) I find great pleasure in previewing new songs, especially by new, "somewhat undiscovered" artists.  I have even been known to predict a few big hits BEFORE they became in big hits. (It all started in 7th grade, when I predicted in Mr. Griffith's technology class that  "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry would be big.) (It was-- don't act like you didn't love that song. haha) If you'd like to call me a musical oracle, I'll answer to it. :)

Part of my joy with iTunes is what I like to call "New Music Tuesdays."  As any avid music fan would know, new tunes are released on Tuesdays.  (Takes me back to the Tuesday that I got up extra early so that my mom could take me to Wal-Mart BEFORE school to buy the new Backstreet Boys "Millenium" album.) One of the small joys currently in my life is "New Music Tuesday," BUT especially when I forget what day of the week it is.... such as today.  This afternoon, I came home, checked my email, opened iTunes to listen to some jams (yes, I just called them jams) and then my mind came to a halt---- "What day is today??" ---- (thinking)----- TUESDAY!!!! Believe it or not, this brings a grin to my face and I go on the hunt to preview the latest albums.  Is this crazy? Perhaps.  But then again, I LOVE MUSIC.

Today I was super excited to listen to Lady Antebellum's new album (which is fantastic and will have several big hits--- remember that the music oracle predicted this when it actually happens, haha), as well as live sessions with Colbie Caillat.  ANDDDDD, if life wasn't already great with it being Tuesday, one of my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE artists, Dave Barnes, has the most amazing single out today.  Pllleeeeeaaasssssee go check out "God Gave Me You" on iTunes or somewhere.... you won't regret it. As if I didn't love this man before with tunes like "Until You," "Nothing Fancy" and about a million more, this one might be one of his BEST yet. Beautiful voice, music and lyrics.

I could go on and on-- but I'll stop. I love music and I love that I have a love like music.  Happy New Music Tuesday!!

Feast or Famine

(originally posted on January 12, 2010)

It is time that I shared with the world a phenomenon that has been happening to me for many years now.  It's a theory I like to call "Feast or Famine."  If I didn't already have a large portion of research and a literature review completed-- and if my master's degree had anything to do with this topic(which it doesn't)-- I have considered writing my entire thesis on this personal theory.  I could write pages and pages on this, however, for the sake of this blog, and your time, I will give you the shorter version of my theory....

"Feast or Famine" refers to the state of dating relationships (or lack thereof) in my life.  It's as simple as this: there is either no prospects on the horizon (famine), or a plethora of prospects (feast).  It always happens this way... I could be completely single, with no single guys in sight-- a desert land, if you will. Then suddenly, not one, but two, three or even at one time, four, single guys will show up out of nowhere.  At first this may sound like I'm a hot commodity or some kind of relationship guru-- sorry, I'm neither.  It's just my luck, and while it sounds like good luck, not always.  There is never an in-between-- it's feast or famine.  (Or as -aln- sometimes calls it... "fiesta or siesta"... which interpreted, does mean "feast" or "nap.") haha.

A "feast" sounds like a pleasant state to be in, and while it should be, in my case, it usually causes chaos and thus far, it has not quite been the best "menu" for a "feast." (a.k.a. creepers, crazies, etc.)  Not all of them have been this way-- occassionally I stumble across a good one-- however, more times than not, it's been a feast not for my tasting. 

"Change your taste," you may say... and others have said that too.  However, although I'm up for trying new things and try to be as open-minded as possible, there are some things I will not budge on.  I have stuck to my "taste" for this long, and will continue to-- because I know the Lord knows it, and He will provide a guy with this same "taste" in His time. 

If you haven't noticed by now, although I'm comparing this theory to dating, it can apply to many more areas of life.  While a "feast" is sometimes encouraging, if you think about it, so can a famine.  Although the typical thought of the meaning of the word "famine" spurs thoughts of hunger, despair, and no hope.... in a time of famine in life--- whether it be dating, family, friends, job, or any other area of life--- you can choose to be sad, or choose to be excited. BE EXCITED because this moment will not last forever.  You can be excited during a famine time of dating because there is someone even better than all of those you thought were great-- and they may be right aroud the corner! You can be excited during a famine time of satisfaction in your job because there are many other opportunities and someday you may be working at something you like even better (or believe it or not, your current job might get better!). 

Yes, this is all easier said than done, but in times of feast or famine, I try to laugh instead of cry.  Although at the beginning of this post, I said that this only happens to me, I'm guessing that now you may possibly identify with a "feast or famine" time in some area of your life.  Be encouraged-- you are not alone! I am not alone! It happens.  You have the promise that God knows all about it and He's got it covered-- and I can't help but then that when I choose to laugh about it, He does too.  :)